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Pool Maintenance Benoni
Pool Renovations Benoni

Pool Repairs

Once-off pool cleaning

Has your pool been neglected and is looking like a swamp?

Within a day it can be changed to a sparkling blue clean pool.

This once-off cleaning is an instant ‘facelift’!

Weekly pool maintenance services

Time is precious and you may not have the time or energy for the WEEKLY laborious tasks concerning your swimming pool.

Avoid unnecessary costs of fixing a green pool before the friends come over for a braai.

Have a sparkling blue pool all year round.

All chemicals supplied.

• Installation of new pump motors

• Leak detection and repair

• New weirs and lights

• Repair marbelite surface – patches

• Electrical DB boards

• Filtration cover boxes

• Return and suction lines repaired / replaced

• Turn swimming pool water from GREEN to BLUE

• Multi-port valve tops

• Wagon wheels

• Pool timers

• Water testing

• Salt chlorinators

• Chlorine wash pool

New pool pumps

Is your pump leaking or making a usual noise?  Call us for advice and efficient service.

New sand filters and repairs

Does your filter leak? Is it hard to turn your multi-port valve handle? Do you get filter sand in your pool? We replace multi-port valves and filter fingers. We also supply and install new filters.

Stop and kill ALL types of algae PERMANENTLY

Tired of battling with black and green algae? Our copper ioniser will kill ALL algae permanently, very ECO-friendly. You will save 70% on chemicals. Replacement electrodes very affordable.

Filter Sand change

Filter sand should be changed every two years. When last have you changed yours? Invest in Clinobrite instead of using normal filter sand. Contact us for advice.

LED lights

Change your pool into a feature at night. Install a white, blue or colour changing LED light in your pool. Long life expectancy – low power consumption.


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