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Pool Marbelite

Benoni Pools are swimming pool renovators that specialise in re-marbeliting and resurfacing new and existing pools. Benoni Pools owner and staff strive for excellence in all their work and in their relationships. We only use quality material ensuring that your job is done properly, exceeding your expectations. Benoni Pools cover the entire East Rand, this includes: Benoni, Boksburg, Edenvale, Kempton Park, Springs, Sunward Park and Brakpan.

We know POOLS and we love to give your pool a face-lift! With more than 18 years of experience, we know what will work BEST in your pool. The owner of Benoni pools does all the quotations himself. He has a trained eye and he has the experience and knowledge so that he can recommend the correct solution for your pool. These recommendations are based on his findings after a thorough physical inspection of the pool shell was done. We establish the need of the client and we can work with any budget to give you the most value for your pool renovation.  We know how to stretch your budget, giving you value for money without compromising in any area.

All Marbelite pool shells deteriorate over time. The Marbelite becomes flaky, porous, chips and  stains may occur in the Marbelite.  The pool might even start to leak through small holes in the Marbelite. Often the surface of the floor of the pool becomes so rough that it hurts the feet of the people using the pool. This is a good indication for the pool shell to be resurfaced and that is when you contact us, the expert in pool renovations and resurfacing on the East Rand, based in Benoni.

Marbelite lasts longer then fibreglass. As time goes by fiberglass will crack and the fiberglass lining could start to pull away from the sides of the pool. Marbelite has been around for more than 40 years. Marbelite is an ideal option when you decide to renovate your pool as the surface is not slippery and Marbelite lasts very long. A Marbelite Pool coating creates a stunning finish to a swimming pool!

The following is an outline of the process that Benoni Pools follow when a pool is Marbelited:

• We drain the swimming pool.

• A chlorine and pressure wash is done if the pool has a lot of algae stains.

• The pool shell is chipped to create a larger surface area and small "pockets" that ensure the marbelite will bond to the walls and floor of the pool.

• We also inspect the pool for any possible leakages, checking around the weir, aim flow and light. We will do the minor pool repairs and sealing as necessary before we continue with the next step.

• The client has the choice to replace or keep the mosaic tiles in the pool. In the case of new mosaics, we will lay new ceramics or glass mosaics under the coping and along the step edgings.  If we are not replacing the mosaics, we will ensure that the grouting is checked and repaired, to prevent the pool of losing water through the grouting. Benoni Pools will offer the option to clean the ceramics to get rid of the calcium build-up on the ceramics if we do not replace the ceramics.

• We cut in below the existing mosaics and chip away below and around them as to create a thicker strong layer of flush marbelite below and around the existing mosaics. However, we recommend replacing the old mosaics in the pool if they are worn and damaged.  

• A marbelite and bonding liquid slurry is mixed and applied to the walls and floor of the pool to create a rough surface for the new Marbelite to bond properly. This provides the ideal surface onto which we can apply a new coating of Marbelite the next day.

• Finally Benoni Pools will apply a 6-8mm thick coat of Marbelite using the correct techniques, tools and consistency. We hand mix all the marbelite in the pool. We complete the Marbelite application in one continues exercise, leaving no joints.  This creates a smooth, consistent application to the entire pool surface. To apply Marbelite to the pool shell is an art, not just anyone can apply Marbelite as you have to be a trained professional. If the Marbelite is over smoothed it can cause the marbelite to go black this is called burning the marbelite. This is a common mistake made by inexperienced applicators and creates an unsightly rough finish.

• We give you a 3 year warranty on our marbelite workmanship!

Within a few days your pool will have received a face-lift ... a fresh new look!
Allow us to restore your pool to its former glory!

Contact Benoni Pools for excellent quality and service and superior swimming pool renovations and resurfacing and all types of pool repairs on the East Rand. This includes: Benoni, Boksburg, Edenvale, Kempton Park, Springs, Sunward Park and Brakpan.

Use our contact form for a speedy same day reply and take the first step to a STUNNING new look pool. Alternatively for a more personal touch, call Benoni Pools today on 083 212 2834.  We will give you a free, no-obligation quote to resurface and renovate your swimming pool.

Pool Re-marbelited Process

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